Measure teams’ well-being. Take action. Engage your crowd.

Wellbee is a Slack-integrated platform that allows you to gain instant insight into the well-being of your teams. Keep people happy and work with an engaged crowd!


Integrated, instant feedback gathering

Connect with people directly via Slack. No need for emails or web forms to survey your teams.

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Powerful analytics in a simple format

Our unique analytics presentation format is extremely easy to understand and report against.

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Simplified surveying for local or remote teams

Launch automated engagement measurement campaigns in seconds using our questions library or create custom surveys of your own.

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Spot and resolve employees’ issues

Survey responses feed into a variety of engagement metrics, live. Record action points, track how they impact peoples’ experience over time.

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How it works

Step one.
Managers launch pre-defined surveys

Create a survey campaign in just a few clicks, utilizing our powerful engagement question library. Select your target audience and let Wellbee collect the answers for you.

Step two.
Seamless responding directly in Slack app

Survey pariticipants are not bothered with links to external web forms or apps. Questions are asked and responses are given all in one place - Slack.

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Step three.
Gain knowledge through data

Managers and Executives have their eyes on real-time engagement-driving metrics to have a clear view of the internal climate.

Step four.
Take instant control

Managers create actions to target underperforming metrics. Notice how these efforts reflect on people’s well-being over time.

Practical use cases

What is Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) and How to Measure Staff's Loyalty and Satisfaction

eNPS has become the golden standard within organizations that want to understand internal work climate better and it's exactly what you'll get — the insights you need to understand exactly what employees like and don’t like about your organization. While it’s not meant to be a complete way of measuring employee engagement, because of its simplicity, eNPS is an amazingly effective way to get started!

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Practical guide for managers to improve employee retention with Wellbee

Let us share a couple of tips & tricks to help you deal with people who might leave unexpectedly, allowing you to focus on the actual work instead.

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