Integrated, instant feedback gathering

Connect with your people directly via Slack. No need for emails, apps or web forms to survey your teams.

Seamless approach for both management and teams

Painless participation

We ensure that survey participants are not annoyed with too much content. Wellbee is built to facilitate friendly relationships between management and teams, raise participation rates and collect more data as a result.

Anonymous responding

Anonymity is guaranteed even for the smallest of teams. Survey results are locked until safe response thresholds are reached. Participants always know the number of their peers involved in a survey.

Setup in four clicks

No manual participant entries or user imports. Simply add Wellbee to your Slack workspace and you’re ready to reach all members of your teams.

Automatic reminders

Wellbee sends smart participation reminders automatically. No need to chase after people manually.

Other Features

Powerful analytics in a simple format

Our unique analytics presentation format is extremely easy to understand and report against.

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Simplified surveying for local or remote teams

Launch automated engagement measurement campaigns in seconds using our questions library or create custom surveys of your own.

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Spot and resolve employees’ issues

Survey responses feed into a variety of engagement metrics, live. Record action points, track how they impact peoples’ experience over time.

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Businesses with engaged teams show greater performance


Greater profitability

Gallup, Inc. (2018)


Less employee turnover

Gallup, Inc. (2017)


Higher productivity

Gallup, Inc. (2016)

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