Manager’s guide to boost employee retention

Couple of tips & tricks to deal with people who might leave unexpectedly to let you focus on actual work instead.
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Manager’s guide to boost employee retention

Measure employee engagement

The best way to improve employee retention is by measuring and understanding the level of engagement your employees have with their job. One way to do this is by tapping into the pulse surveys that are integrated with Slack for fast and painless data collection.

These surveys take less than a minute to complete, making it easy for anyone in your organization to provide feedback on what they think of day-to-day tasks and how engaged they feel at work.

Let me share a couple of tips & tricks to help you deal with people who might leave unexpectedly so that employee turnover would be brought down to a minimum, allowing you to focus on the actual work instead.


Power up your one-on-one meetings

Even though Wellbee protects the anonymity of survey respondents to extract most honest opinions, the tool serves people managers well by gathering specific trends against four key pillars of engagement:

  • Individual needs

  • Professional growth

  • Team fit

  • Organizational fit

These pillars are further broken down into 47+ engagement drivers (e.g. Career Path, Collaboration, etc.) and will not only act as essential guidance for what should be of utmost importance to address during your one-on-one meetings but will also often suggest urgency of having them. For example, you wouldn't want people to be living with a feeling that they're not being compensated adequately, would you?


Apply segmentation to drill down even further

Ok, so you have a number of trends surfacing and you have a good sense now what your one-on-one meeting agendas will look like but you can drill down even further!

Segmentation is something that allows to compare survey respondents against several demographic criteria:

  • Gender

  • Department

  • Position

  • Office

  • Manager

  • Birth Date

  • Hire Date

  • Leave Date

Let's say that your Marketing Department reports lower scores on "Management Support" engagement driver. But the Sales and Product Departments are on the opposite, positive end. By comparing segments based on Hiring Date across the three departments, you immediately realize that only people who have been working for less than 6 months feel like they are being supported by management well and it's the senior staff that's actually being neglected.

All of the sudden you are now empowered to think of the most effective course of action to take since you now know whom specifically to address it with.


Spread the good word by utilizing Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

eNPS surveys have become a golden standard when it comes to measuring whether or not employees would recommend the products or services of their employer. Go ahead and use it as a reminder within the organization that would make people step back and reflect on the value and importance of the work they're doing daily.

Moreover, eNPS is also considered one of the best ways for companies to spread "social proof" around when looking for new talent - get more people excited about coming on board by using eNPS metrics as part of your PR or hiring strategies.


Wrap up

The best way to improve employee retention is by measuring and understanding the level of engagement your employees have with their job.

The Wellbee survey tool anonymously gathers data about employees to help managers find out what makes them tick. The data is gathered against four main pillars of engagement:

  • Individual needs

  • Professional growth

  • Team fit

  • Organizational fit

The data collected (as well as the ability to compare survey data against various employees demographic criteria) enables managers to set most effective agendas for their on-on-one meetings.

Employee Net Promoter Score is yet another metric that is often used to remind the people internally about the importance and value they're creating everyday.

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