Survey Templates

Survey Templates

Remote Teams Health Check Survey

Discover how Remote Teams Health Check Surveys can help your company assess communication, collaboration, work-life balance, and overall well-being in a remote work environment. Dive into actionable insights and strategies to optimize your remote work policies, boost productivity, and create a thriving remote team culture.

1-on-1 Preparation Survey

A 1-on-1 preparation survey is a tool or process used by managers or team leaders to prepare for one-on-one meetings with their team members or direct reports. The purpose of such a survey is to gather information and insights that will help facilitate a productive and meaningful discussion during the one-on-one meeting

Express Feedback Survey

An Express Feedback survey in a company is typically a brief and efficient way for employees to provide their opinions, suggestions, or feedback on various aspects of their work environment, job satisfaction, or company culture. View Express Feedback Example Here.

Stay Interview Survey

A stay interview survey is a tool used by managers to gather feedback from their team members or direct reports, typically on a one-on-one basis, with the goal of understanding what factors contribute to an directa reports job satisfaction and commitment to staying with the company. View Stay Interview Survey Example Here.

360-degree Feedback Survey

360-degree feedback, or multi-rater feedback, collects performance assessments from various sources like supervisors, peers, and sometimes customers to help individuals recognize their strengths and weaknesses for personal and professional development. It's often used in leadership and team improvement, and when conducted well, it can significantly enhance workplace performance and collaboration.

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