Simplified surveying using Slack polls for local or remote teams

Launch automated engagement measurement campaigns in seconds using our questions library or create custom surveys of your own.

Empowering feedback management

55+ research-backed questions

Use our organizational psychology-backed employee engagement questionnaire to start gathering quality feedback, instantly.

Custom surveys

Design custom surveys of your own by connecting individual questions to Wellbee’s pre-defined engagement drivers to track feedback over time.

Participant segmentation

Create people segments to target different groups with unique sets of questions, survey frequency and more.

Timezone friendly

Wellbee delivers surveys at local timezones, no matter where your teams are located.

Other Features

Integrated, instant feedback gathering

Connect with people directly via Slack. No need for emails or web forms to survey your teams.

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Powerful analytics in a simple format

Our unique analytics presentation format is extremely easy to understand and report against.

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Spot and resolve employees’ issues

Survey responses feed into a variety of engagement metrics, live. Record action points, track how they impact peoples’ experience over time.

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Businesses with engaged teams show greater performance


Greater profitability

Gallup, Inc. (2018)


Less employee turnover

Gallup, Inc. (2017)


Higher productivity

Gallup, Inc. (2016)

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